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problem with ssd 660p

New Contributor

Hello, so i bought two ssd 660p each of them are 512gb and windows only shows in main disk 145gb and the another disk only shows 330gb, i went to disk management and it doesnt show any unallocated space.  I checked the BIOS and it said is a 512gb capicity, i dont understand what is the problem. Please help.


Contributor II

Hi @Elvis1 

1. In order to get better information about your system, please download the Intel System Support Utility (SSU). Run the SSU scan and save the results. The .txt file with the results please attach to your post.

2. Please attach to your post an image of Disk Management from your computer.



Hi, here are the disk management image and the SSU results scan


Hi @Elvis1 

I can only see one 500 GB SSD recognized in Windows. This SSD has two partions: C: and 😧 . Those partitions are on the same SSD. The other SSD is not seen in Windows at all. Check if you can see bothh SSD in BIOS ( are both M.2 slot enabled?). You can try to remove and install this SSD again, could be connection is bad. An other possibility is that the second (unrecognized) SSD is failed or its slot is failed.