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Pro 1500 SSD SSD not seen during OS Install, Win 8, Lenovo Y410p, also system freezes

New Contributor

I can confirm that I have the same issue with intel SSD Pro 1500


Valued Contributor II

Pany, I was wondering if you could provide more information about your issue.

What is the exact behavior? How does the issue happen? Can it be replicated after sleep, restart or cold boot?

Do you get a Blue Screen of Death? Could you provide the stop error code, Windows* Event log, or minidump file?

Perhaps more detailed system configuration will be useful too. You could use msinfo32 or Intel® System Identification Utility.

I have an Lenovo Y410P notebook. It is running both win7 and win8.1 on my HDD. I have installed an Intel Pro 1500 SSD and set SATA mode to AHCI. I tried to install windows on the SSD. I can only install win7 on it whereas it can't be recognized under the win8(or win8.1) setup enviroment, and it is the same even if the SSD runs as a 2nd drive under win8.1 (when I changed SATA mode to IDE, all turned to be well).

When I cold boot win7 from SSD under AHCI mode, it seems to be all right until I have installed the RST driver, and the system would randomly freeze after a few minutes, and then the screen would go black or get a blue screen (sorry, the error code I can't remember). I also find it was replicated after sleep. But when I uninstalled the the RST driver, it turned to be all right again.

Valued Contributor II

Pany, please allow us more time to check about your issue.

Thx, and it can't be recognized in ubuntu12.04/14.04 as well as in Win8/8.1.