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Optimize Intel DC P3600 SSD

New Contributor

I know MS has an analyzer and optimizer for SSD's. I have used it once on the Intel SSD. Is optimization of this SSD recommended? How often? I was using the SSD optimizer from Condusiv called Diskeeper for my previous OCZ SSD. I already have that product and think it's a stronger product than MS and has a wonderful GUI and I can also use it to defragment my external conventional disk too.

Do you know if Diskeeper can damage the Intel SSD? I have used it for years on my former OCZ SSD and there were never any hardware problems or indications that by optimizing it I was shortening the life of the SSD. Your thoughts on doing optimizations on the Intel P3600 and if Diskeeper is approved by Intel?

George B


Valued Contributor II

Hello GeorgeB,

Please let us know more details about the tasks you plan to run for drive optimization, as this would help us provide a more accurate response.

Some "optimization" tasks may not improve the functionality of Intel® SSD DC P3600, due to the nature of the drive.

For example, SSD devices, unlike Spin disks, see no performance benefit from traditional HDD defragmentation tools. Due to the design of SSDs, disk defragmentation is unnecessary and can even have a negative effect on the endurance of the drive.

Also take into consideration that the Intel® SSD DC P3600 series support TRIM. This allows the operating system to inform the solid-state drive of data blocks (such as deleted files) that can be wiped internally. The drive also runs internal garbage collection to free up space for future writing of new data. These functions improve drive endurance, and help maintain drive performance over time.

However, all the Operating Systems supported by the P3600 have TRIM support built in, so there is no need to manually "optimize" the drive.

Thanks for your response, Jonathan. I don't have any specific tasks I intend to run to optimize. I just use the product from Condusiv called Diskeeper. It was originally a defragmentation program for conventional hard drives. Then when SSD's became popular, they enhanced their defragmentation tool to analyze and optimize SSD's also .I used it for years to optimize my OCZ PCI-e SSD,

I heard that SSD manufacturers do not recommend defragmenting the SSDs in the standard manner. I previously asked Condusiv and they stated they do not defrag in this way when detected or manually set as an SSD. They optimize the SSD in a manner developed specifically for SSDs. I would not know what that manner of optimizing is.

I guess what I would like to know is if using Diskeeper will effect my warranty or if it will damage the disk. Does Intel have any experience with the P3600 SSD or other SSD's that have used Diskeeper for optimization? Appreciate your response. Thanks. George B

Valued Contributor II

Thank you for the details GeorgeB.

We would like to inform that Intel does not have any experience with utilities like DiskKeeper, since we do not consider the use of these applications is necessary to maintain a healthy drive.

Using these utilities in your system should not affect the warranty for the device.

Since we don't have experience with Diskeeper or similar utilities, we cannot comment on the possibility of them causing damage to Intel® SSD's.