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[NVMe Performace Issue] the actual performance is higher than the official.

New Contributor


I run performance test for the NVMe device ( intel nvme 750 400GB ssd) on my intel i5-6600k desktop by using FIO. I found the result of the test is higher than the official.

The performance is as follows.

seq read : 2700MB/s seq write: 930MB/s

rand read: 690000 IOPS rand write: 230000 IOPS

Does it correct? It is stable every time.

Best Regards.



Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Vic,

Thanks for posting your question in the Intel® SSD community.The performance information that is shown in is an average of the tested SSDs following a specific test procedure under specific circumstances. If you want to see the procedure you can find it in the following link: this is an average there are some SSDs that will have a performance just on the limit and some other that will have a performance over the average as your SSD. Also as you are using Linux this will generate a better performance because of the driver speeds of Linux. The speed that is shown in the performance website is for Windows. Hope this helps to clarify your question. Best Regards, Juan N.

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Vic,

I would like to know if you have any additional question regarding this issue. Best Regards, Juan N.