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New SSD 520 60GB - Intel SSD Tollbox - Drive health degraded

New Contributor


i bought new SSD 520 60GB and used it with motheboard GIGABYTE Q77M-D2H . After instalation Intel SSD toolbox there was a warning "Drive health is degraded. Contact your reseler or local Intel representative for assistance".

Full diagnostic scan was OK, SMART Details were OK too. I tried a new version Intel SSD toolbox - 3.1.5 and it is the same.

I bought another disk with the same parameters and after reinstalation problem is the same!

For installation i used windows 7 system image copy.

What could be a wrong? Does anybody have the same problem?


Valued Contributor II

In this case you may either return the drives to the seller or contact your local Intel(R) support team for further assistance.

We have determined this issue is specifically related to the Intel® SSD Toolbox and the drives which ISN starts with EK are not properly identified by the software. The issue is purely cosmetic since there is no problem with the drives, they will operate properly. A new version of Intel® SSD Toolbox will be released soon and include a correction of this issue.

Valued Contributor II

The Intel® SSD Toolbox 3.1.6 is now available here.

You may also want to check the thread below and provide your results about the incorrect drive health issue.