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New Intel 730 SSD making a constant high pitch noise

New Contributor

I just replaced a 9.5mm HDD in my Lenovo T420 with a 730 (7mm) and everything is working flawlessly except for a constant high pitch noise that seems to be coming from the SSD. I had to do a little jury rigging to make it fit in the 9.5mm rubbery rails that go on either side of the hard drive. First I used bits of heat shrink for wire to fill the empty space, but I thought maybe the high pitch noise was from a fan or something oscillating inside the heat shrink. Now I have an H shape of cardboard in there to hold it in place, which seems to be working pretty well. I don't think the temp of the cardboard should become an issue (right??). It's still making the high pitch noise, and it's driving me a little bit batty. Any thoughts on what could be causing the noise, or troubleshooting to figure it out?

Thanks in advance!


Valued Contributor II

Please make sure there is good airflow in the area where the Intel® SSD 730 is installed. This is a high performance drive and requires enough airflow to dissipate the heat.

We wonder if you have the chance to test this SSD as a secondary drive in another system, preferably a desktop system.

I have exactly the same problem. After one week of usage SSD 730 (480GB) started making noticeable noises, especial while reading or writing big amounts of data.

Please advise!

Valued Contributor II

All, would you please share a video showing where the Intel® SSD is installed as well as the noise it produces?

Does the issue only happen during intense workload or also when the drive is idle? How can it be reproduced?

beaverat, please provide the brand and model of your system.