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Migration from SATA HDD on LSI Controller to SSD

New Contributor


I am looking at migrating a Windows 2008 Server from a SATA HDD to a 330/520 SSD.

The issue I have is that the SATA HDD is connected via a LSI 9260 SAS controller (it's part of a failed Raid 1 array which we want to migrate to an single SSD).

I have read that the SSD Migration software will ignore any drives connected to a raid controller ?

What is the best practice for migrating the O/S data to the SSD in this scenario as I would like to use the SSD in the SAS controller (jbod mode) but migrate the data, rather than fresh reinstall or having the SSD plugged into the internal SATA (2u rackmount with no internal bays).

Plugging the drive internally while migrating wouldn't be an issue, it just can't live their indefinitely

Any advice would be appreciated.




Hi Ruined,

Did you get this resolved? If not then you should check with LSI to make sure they support the 520 on that controller (it should work, but it's not a given). You should also check with them to make sure your HDD will still boot once you take it out of RAID mode. Once it's out of RAID mode you should be able to migrate it to the SSD.

Esteemed Contributor III

you can try any of the following free cloning tools, since this could be related to a limitation at the software and the cloning technology is not a proprietary technology so any other cloning tool might help here some examples:

EaseUS Todo Backup,EZ Gig IV, HDClone 4, Clonezilla.

You can use any other cloning software of your preference as well.