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Is there a way to update Intel 530 SSD without burning the ISO file to disk?

New Contributor

13" Macbook Pro mid-2009 5,5, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

Intel 530 series 180GB Firmware DC12

I want to upgrade to DC32 but my SuperDrive is failing and cannot read any disks, thereby not possible to upgrade firmware with that method. Is there an alternative to upgrade this SSD on Mac?

Blackmagic is giving me ~ 133 MB/s (Read) .. I know my SATA Link Speed maxes out at 3 Gigabit, but this seems a bit too slow.


Valued Contributor II

I am sorry for your issue.

There is a way to update the firmware of the Intel® SSD by creating a bootable USB drive, assuming your Apple* system has the option to boot from it.

We have instructions for Windows* systems in the Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool User Guide (page 8).

There are instructions for Apple* systems here:

HI Joe,

Thanks for the reply.

I know I can definitely boot from USB, as that's what I did to clean install OS X.

However, the USB drive, which I followed the instructions link you provided to make it bootable, isn't recognized by my Mac. Any ideas why?