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Is there a changelog or a history list of firmware updates for specific SSDs?

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I own an Intel 730-Series SSD with various Linux distributions installed. Since the firmware updates aren't/cannot be installed with a package manager or via a Linux-version "toolbox" ala Windows, figuring out which file(s) to install for firmware update--or whether an update is even needed/recommended--is a tedious/dangerous task. At the moment, I'm using the hdparm tool to determine the SSD's firmware version. However, the naming scheme of the latest available firmware version (on Intel's support website) and what I see in my terminal (currently installed) is completely different.

Therefore, either the hdparm utility is reporting an incorrect value; or hdparm's formatting is somehow screwed up; or Intel has changed the naming scheme on purpose; or the different naming scheme indicates that the firmware versions are for different products. I'm sure there are more possibilities of which I'll think later. If I had a list of historic release versions I could, at least, rule out some possibilities.

hdparm output:

Model Number: INTEL SSDSC2BP240G4Firmware Revision:


Intel Support Website entry: Intel® Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool

Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool; recommended firmware update method for Apple* and Linux* users. Requires a blank USB or CD drive.

OS: Linux*, Mac OS*, Mac OSX*, OS Independent, Red Hat Linux *, ...more




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Hello ILMostro,

The Intel® Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool (FUT) provides the latest firmware for different models of Intel® SSD's. However, the firmware version L2010420 or 0420 is the latest for the Intel® SSD 730 Series.

FUT 2.0.13 does not contain any firmware update for the Intel® SSD 730 Series, but we would expect any new firmware releases to be provided through future versions Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool and Intel® SSD Toolbox.

Regarding you inquiry for a history of firmware releases, please check the following items which can be found in the download page of Intel® SSD FUT:

1. There is a link to Release Notes in the top-right section of the FUT's download page. The release notes contain a history of firmware releases for each SSD model, as well as the fixes and enhancements provided with each version.

2. The firmware versions contained in a given release of FUT or SSD Toolbox are listed in the Detailed Description of the Download, so you can check if the one in your SSD is older/newer than the one provided in the Tool.