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Intel SSD Toolbox - SSD Optimizer is greyed out for my new Intel SSD 750

New Contributor

I just received my new Intel SSD 750 today, and am enjoying it thoroughly! Very fast, indeed!

However, when I use the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox, not all features appear to be here -- mainly the Intel SSD Optimizer. It's greyed out.

Pictures are below. What could be the issue? Any help would be appreciated.

(My motherboard is an MSI X99S SLI PLUS, if that helps.)


Valued Contributor

Hello zylicyde,

The current version of the Intel® SSD Toolbox does not have full support for the Intel® SSD 750 Series. A new version is under development and will be released as soon as possible. As an alternative, in the meantime, you can use the Intel® Data Center Tool version 2.2.1 to manage the drive, however, the Intel® Data Center Tool does not include optimizer functions. All supported OS'es for Intel® SSD 750 Series must have TRIM enabled by default so manual optimization should not be necessary.