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intel ssd dc s3710

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I've some questions about the new SSDs S3710 and S3610 :

-Have you a date or an idea about the release in Europe (France) ?

-Have you a date or an idea about the release of new software "Intel SSD Data Center Tool" compatible with S3710 and S3610 ? A number of the next version ? v3.0 ? v2.3.0 ?

I plan to buy a little lot of S3710 1.2 TB, but I must have a "resize LBA" functionnality !

Thank you for your answer, I hope officially by Intel support !

Have a nice day !

Best regards,


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Hello foudesoft,

We appreciate your confidence in Intel products and would like to thank you for considering our new Data Center SSDs.

The Intel® SSD DC S3710 Series and Intel® SSD DC S3610 Series were just released on Q1'2015. We would expect them to be available from Intel Technology Providers and Authorized resellers soon. We will try to get specific information regarding availability in Europe (France) and will let you know once we have further details.

About you Intel® SSD Data Center Tool question, please clarify if you will use tool to modify the Maximum LBA in order to change the drive's maximum storage capacity.

Or, if you will need to change the LBA mode sector size (512 B - 4 KB).

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I would like to use Intel SSD Data Center Tool (command line software) to change the Maximum LBA. But the last version v2.2.0 seems not be compatible with the new SSD S3610 ans S3710. For when the next version ? New version number idea ?

Change the physical sector size ? I don't no. Make it the SSD Faster to pass to 4 KB ?

Thank you for your new informations.

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Hello foudesoft,

We are getting confirmation if the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool version 2.2.0 supports the Intel® SSD DC S3710 and Intel® SSD DC S3610, or if a new release will be required to manage the new series. We will let you know once we have more information.

We would expect these drives and management tool to support changing the Maximum LBA, so you can modify the reported storage capacity.

Regarding the LBA sector size, in some scenarios there may be a performance difference between 512 B and 4 KB, however, this would depend on the type of data and workload you use.

We are checking about the availability of the new drives in your country. Additionally, we advise you to check the following link where you can locate Authorized Intel Technology Providers, If they do not have a specific model in stock, they would be able to order from the distributors:

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Hello Jonathan,

For Intel SSD DC S3710, which is the default sector size ? 512 B or 4 KB ?

I found two problems in the Intel documentation :

The first in the Intel® SSD Data Center S3710 Series Product Specification, at page 6 :

2 Product Specifications

  1. 2.1 Capacity

Table 1: User Addressable Sectors Intel SSD DC S3710 Series

Unformatted Capacity

(Total User Addressable Sectors in LBA Mode)










1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes; 1 sector = 512 bytes.

LBA count shown represents total user storage capacity and will remain the same throughout the life of the drive.

The total usable capacity of the SSD may be less than the total physical capacity because a small portion of the capacity is used for NAND flash management and maintenance purposes.

The problem are the unformatted capacities, this actual values in the documentation are the capacities in bytes, and not in sectors (unformatted capacity / 512 or / 4096), the correction are (in red) :

Intel SSD DC S3710 Series Unformatted Capacity 1 sector = 512 bytes.

(Total User Addressable Sectors in LBA Mode)

200GB 390,721,968

400GB 781,422,768

800GB 1,562,824,368

1.2TB 2,344,225,968

or if 1 sector = 4 Kilo-bytes: 

200GB 48,840,246

400GB 97,677,846

800GB 195,353,046

1.2TB 293,028,246

<span style="color: red; font-...