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Intel SSD 535 480GB write amplification problem.

New Contributor

Hi All,

I checked the other day my ssd without much attention because I have Intel SSD since the X-25 M, they are the best right?

But no, this time my attention was caught by over 120 TB of total NAND writes. I implemented the OS service described in another thread with some improvement (to be seen), but i think this is a warranty problem.

Can someone from Intel describe the procedure I should follow to change the ssd. My ssd warranty expires in 2021, it will not last for sure until then and I don't want to loose my windows activation (upgraded from windows 7 when it was free) or my data.




I am waiting for a Intel response, please.

P.S. Now I have to tell all my friends that my recommendation was wrong, I really hope this can be solved somehow. How can I recommend Intel SSD in the future for servers or PCs when something like this can happen. I have servers that write 100GB per day on ssd, on this kind of write amplification (43) the ssd would last 6 months maximum (750TB). I hope the server ssd versions are better.


Esteemed Contributor III

Hi Cleo,

Thank you for posting in our forum. We would like to let you know that this situation is being handled in another thread, /thread/46941 here is the link. We noticed that you have posted already there, so please let us continue the support on that specific thread.Regards,NC