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intel ssd 520 prevents esprimo q900 to power off or sleep

Esteemed Contributor III


I have exchanged the original HDD in esprimo Q900 (the mini PC) with an Intel 520 SSD disk and did the clean reinstal with windows 7 PRO x64. Everything is going perfect, just there is issue, that the computer can not be truned off or fall sleep by windows shutdown or sleep functions. When I make the sleep or shutdown, the monitor is put in the sleep mode, but PC remains on, DVD drive works (CD can be loaded) and fan slowly increases its RPM up to maximum. The same scenario happens for sleep and shutdown. The computer can not be "waken" by anything, just unplugging the power cord or via main switch.

I did the W7 installation twice, loaded all drivers, no additonal SW, updated latest bios etc. Windows log do not show any error. When in SAFE mode, computer freezes with statement "windws shutting down"... W7 installation was with AHCI enabled, trick with 1394 interface do not work, as this MB does not have this interface. All items in device manager were checked, nothing prevents the computer from turning off...

When simply swapped with standart magnetic HDD, everything working well...

Any ideas how to fix that?