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Intel SSD 520 Available Reserved Space

New Contributor II

I have 4 of the Intel SSD 520 120GB drives,

One of them, the Windows drive C is showing warning in SMART about:

"AA Available Reserved Space

E8 Available Reserved Space

Contact your reseller or local Intel represantive for assistance."

So i don't know how to solve this.

All the drives have 5 years warrenty, and they are 3 years old now.

Any help would been appreciated.


Valued Contributor II

Hello Nerius,

The Available Reserve Space attribute reports the number of reserve blocks remaining. The normalized value begins at 100 (64h), which corresponds to 100 percent availability of the reserved space. The threshold value for this attribute is 10 percent availability.

By itself this SMART attribute is not indicator of problems in the drive, however, there are some actions you can perform and additional details we can analyze to determine any possible issues.

- Please install Intel® SSD Toolbox, then run the Intel® SSD Optimizer and check if this helps.

- If the issue persists, please go back to Intel® SSD Toolbox, select your drive and "Export" the SSD log, then upload it here so we can analyze it.

- Provide the brand and model of your computer as well as the Operating System version.

New Contributor II


Thank you for the reply.

I have run Toolbox and optimizer in it several times. No change.

How do i upload the file exported here?

Can't find the setting for that.

New Contributor II

Found the setting. File attached from the export in Toolbox.

Asus rampage IV Black mainboard.

Windows 81. Pro x64

Valued Contributor II

Hello Nerius,

There are some abnomal SMART counters in your drive:

'ID' 'Description' 'Raw' 'Normalized' 'Threshold'

BB Uncorrectable Error Count 55609150 112 50E8 Available Reserved Space 0 10 10

Please Contact Support to engage your nearest support center, they will be able to continue the analysis of this issue and provide further assistance about this matter.