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Intel ssd 320 - HFS fomat (mac os) hit with 8mb bug

New Contributor

Hi people,

my ssd drive from my macbook pro got hit with the 8MB bug. OSX is not starting.

So i read i have to secure erase the drive. I have a windows 10 machine, but the drive is not recognized by the ssd toolbox due the HFS+ filesystem.

How can i get the drive back to a working state?

Note: i have had never issues with the drive and never done a firmware update because the drive was working fine. So i think an older firmware is on it.

checking the serial says the warranty was till jun-2016.


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Darksnake,

We understand your SSD is presenting the 8MB issue at this moment and for that reason, the system won't boot anymore. First of all, you need to know that, unfortunately, this situation cannot be fixed in the majority of cases. There are two things you can try:- Secure erase the drive (This will erase all data on the drive, if not gone already)-Run the firmware update using the FUTAs we mentioned, this has worked for some people, but it does not guarantee it will bring the drive back to its normal state.Regards,Nestor C

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi Darksnake,

We'd like to know if you were able to read our previous post and if you require further assistance.We'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Nestor C