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intel ssd 320 8mb bug?

New Contributor

Hi, I have an old ssd 320 series that I used a long time ago. Suddenly after forcibly shutting down the power supply, the disk could not boot up and an error of 8mb was caught. I left it for several months, I found it. I found the Intel Firmware Update Tool and tried to create a boot image, but unfortunately I can not update the firmware. Is there a way to resolve these symptoms? I would like to know if firmware update can be done without data being sent to the hard disk.


Esteemed Contributor III

Hi parkjungsu,

This is my response in regards to your post which for some reason was included in a different thread:

oh hi Diego V.

Thank you for your reply first. Is it impossible to update the firmware without erasing the data? This is a really frustrating problem. I do not want to blow up the data collected for a year.

Are you sure you know how? If so, I will delete the ssd data before updating the firmware.

That's correct. The fix/workaround available for the issue you are describing is the one I explained. Since your drive is not accessible in its current state, it must be secure erased first and unfortunately it means that the data will be lost. Once the drive is accessible, then the firmware update can be performed to avoid the same issue from happening again.

However, you may consider that this fix doesn't work at 100% as there have been cases where the issue is not fixed after performing the process. That's why there is the option to ask for a replacement.

My recommendation for you is to submit a ticket through the following site in order to get all details about your options, including the replacement one:

I hope you find this information useful.

Have a nice day.


Diego V.