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Intel m2 nvme 660p

New Contributor

In the Intel SSD Toolbox it is saying, that my ssd is full working but if I do the test on my windows explorer it says that my ssd has a mistake. I tried repairing it with windows but it is saying it is still broken. But my Ssd toolbox is saying it is fine what could I do I need help.


Contributor II

There is a significant difference between the SSD Toolbox, which is displaying the physical status (health) of the drive, and Windows File Explorer, which are displaying the status of the file system that is stored on a partition of the drive. The former is telling us that there doesn't seem to be any physical problems with the drive (which is good), while the latter is telling us that there may be some corruption in the file system (which is not so good).

What you need to do is run the CHKDSK tool in fix (repair) mode with a command-line like "CHKDSK C: /F" (change the "C:" if it is a different drive letter having the problem).

Hope this helps,


Hello n_scott_pearson,

Thank you for your answer but i tried this already and I am still getting  the notification that it has a mistake I nearly tried every method in the cmd and in the windows explorer I don´t know what I could do else.

Send us a picture of the error message you are seeing. Capture the output from the run of CHKDSK into a file and include it in the response.



I also restarted it after it but it is sazing that it is onlz looking for mistakes