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Intel 750 ssd on Evga X79 Dark mobo with 3930k

New Contributor II

Hello Guys

i am deciding to buy the intel 750 pcie ssd and i was wondering if i can get the full speeds of the ssd or can find my pc specs below;

CPU : intel 3930k 40 Pci Lanes

mobo : Evga X79 Dark

as you know 3930k is not officially support the gen 3.0 but my mobo Evga X79 Dark has Pcie gen 3.0 slots .So what will happen if i place my intel 750 ssd into one of the pcie gen 3.0 slots?is it going to run in gen 3.0 standarts or gen 2.0 standarts?

i am a little bit confused about that.I mean , is the ssd going to work as gen 3.0 even if the cpu officialy doesnt support pcie 3.0 ? or is it just going to need x4 available pci lanes in CPU?

or is it just going to take attention the slot that it has been running in?

Kind Regards



Some motherboards vendors have an option in BIOS to force gen 3.0 mode even on officially unsupported Intel CPUs, check MB manual and/or ask EVGA support about it.

New Contributor II

yes the motherboard has pcie gen 3.0 slots and i can set them up in which mode (gen 2.0 or gen 3.0) they will run at.But as you know the intel 750 400gb is a little bit pricey so i just need to be sure that the intel 750 is going to work at its full speeds

Unfortunately, i`m personally seen no success reports with your exact MB model, but some X79-based MBs was able to run 750 at PCIE 3.0 level.

On 2.0 likely only linear read performance will be visible hurt.

New Contributor II

what if had 4930k instead of 3930k ? as you know 4930k supports gen 3.0 concern is here 3930k doesnt support gen 3.0 officially but it is capable of supporting gen 3.0