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Intel 540s Series 240GB SSD issue GA-MA78GM-US2H motherboard?

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I am having a issue on installing Windows 10 x64. After partition the disk it takes a long time to copy files to the SSD. It can take an hour to do this step. I have attached a graphic

to illustrated the step I mean.

I am installing Windows 10 as a fresh installation onto an Intel SSD: Intel 540s Series 240GB SSD SSDSC2KW240H6X1, which is brand new.

However if instead I try to install Windows 10 onto a HDD it only takes 20 minutes to complete the same steps.

I am wondering if there are any compatibility issue with this SSD and Windows 10?

The motherboard is a GA-MA78GM-US2H revision 1.0

After I did eventfully get Windows 10 going I downloaded the Intel Toolbox and did both tests of the drive and all the tests passed.

Do you have any suggestions?




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Hi Whorsfall,

We understand you are facing difficulties installing Windows® 10 on your SSD 540s. Researching about your motherboard's specs, we can see that this one is an old model and uses AMD* CPU and chipset. Here you can see the specs of our SSD, which big difference is that our discs use SATA 3.0 at 6Gb/S. It is also important to know that this drive was released about a year ago, therefore, it is designed to work with latest chipsets and technology.From the specs of your motherboard, we can also see that the latest BIOS update available was launched on 2010, version: F9D.We do recommend you to test the SSD in a different computer, hopefully with Intel® chipset.Regards,NC

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Hi Whorsfall,

We are following up the thread, we would like to know if you were able to check the previous post and if you have any other question or need further assistance.Regards,NC

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Check that your "OnChip SATA Type" is set for AHCI as described on Page 46 here:

If it is / was set for Native IDE, you would have a much slower experience (No TRIM support, etc.).

Also, I find that SSD's do take a bit longer on the "Copying Windows Files" part, but nowhere near as long as you describe. FYI, the drive is formatted in that step, if you haven't formatted it on the previous screen.