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Intel 535 SSD Device drivers for Windows Vista

New Contributor II

I tried to install the Intel data migration software to migrate data from my old HDD to Intel 535 SSD. But it so happened that my windows vista does not detect the ssd for the installation to complete. Looks like the device driver for 535 SSD is different form the regular device drivers that vista has. Can someone suggest on how i could get over this hurdle. Where i could find the device driver for the Intel 535 SSD for windows VISTA. thanks in advance.


Valued Contributor II

Hello Gautham,

The Intel® SSD 535 Series is a SATA device that connects directly to the storage controller in the computer and does not require drivers to operate.

The process should work normally as long as the SSD is properly connected to the system, and that you switch the drives after the cloning process.

We advise you to review the instructions in pages 9-11 of the Intel® Data Migration Software User Guide. Please review the document and let us know at which point of the process do you notice the issue.

New Contributor II

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply. I have not gone till this stage. the issue that I face is that, when i connect the ssd to my laptop (externally) for the first time even before i install the Data migration tool the ssd is not detected. i think the default device driver on my Vista OS does not support it. i tried to upgrade the driver but still does not work.



Valued Contributor II

The clone process with Intel® Data Migration Software requires that an Intel® SSD is properly detected, however, we have noticed that in some systems, the information of the SSD model is not passed properly, this is often the case with older systems, external connectors, or with 3rd party USB-to-SATA adapters. If the SSD is not identified and an Intel product, then IDMS will not be able to perform the migration.

Have you checked if the SSD is detected in Windows Disk Management?

If the drive is detected as a storage device, but not recognized as an Intel® SSD by IDMS, then we advise you to Contact Support for further assistance and other possible options.

What motherboard is in PC?