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Intel 520 SSD reserved space gone ?

New Contributor


I launched my intel SSD Toolbox after a few months only to realise that my SMART Status was yellow.

Upoin further inspection, I noticed that the reason is I don't have any reserved space left (AA and E8)...

The drive is barely 2 yuears old and the total written data is about 43 TB.

Has anyone had the same problem ? Is this wear normal ? Should I have it RMA'd and would it be accepted within the warranty?

Thanks in advance for your replies.



Valued Contributor II

Hello hifibuff,

The Available Reserved Space reports the number of reserve blocks remaining. The normalized value decreases from 100 as the percent availability is reduced. The threshold value for this attribute is 10 percent availability, so your SSD has reached the threshold value.

The information you provided does not provide enough data to determine the reason why it decreased in your SSD.

We would advise you to Download Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox version 3.3, and use the tool to update the firmware of your Intel® Solid State Drive 520 Series.

If the issue persists with the latest toolbox and firmware, please Contact Support and a support specialist will be able to provide further assistance about this.