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How are the two endurance numbers of DC P3700 - 17 W/day and max limit of 65.7PBW connected?

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I am trying to design these drives into an application which requires high amount of sequential writes. In order to figure out the upper limit on how much data I can write to these drives on a per day basis, should I be using the 17Writes/day parameter or the 65.7PBW number?

Going through the JEDEC218 standard, I do not see any writes/day parameter. It appears that the TBW is the only figure that is used to determine the endurance of the drives. So my confusion is what is the 17 writes/day really telling me in relation to the 65.7PBW. Is it the obvious which is 65.7PBW is valid only while not violating 17 writes per day? And if I do, how does the 65.7PBW change?

I appreciate the experts' insights.

Thank you.

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Hello shparekh,

We are reviewing the details about this and will get back to you soon with further information.

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Hello shparekh,

We reviewed the information and the number in the specifications for Petabytes Written is not accurate.

The correct number for endurance is 17 Drive Writes Per Day, or 62.05 Petabytes Written.

We expect to have this corrected in the document soon.


But what if I write 20 drive writes/day? Can I still write 62.05 petabytes total?

Thank you.

Best regards.

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Hello Shparekh,

You should be able to write 62.05 PB to the drive regardless of the amount of drive writes per day, or the time it takes to reach that amount of data.

The 62.05 PB is the amount of data the drive is expected to endure before it is considered to be "worn out".

The SSD is not capable of knowing how long a day is, and does not keep track of how much data is written to it during a given period of time.

We provide the Drive Writes per Day value in the specification to give the customers a different way to think about the endurance. For example, if an Intel® SSD DC P3700 2.0 TB drive had a typical workload of 17 drive writes per day, it would take approximately 5 years to reach the 62.05 PB.