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Hard Drive 1 Incorrect status = 8000000000000011: Could not read SMARTlog 2

New Contributor

I have an Intel 750 SSD 1.2 TB PCIe 3.0 card plugged into my Dell T5810.

And when starting the ePSA diagnostics I get the following message:

Hard Drive 1 Incorrect status = 8000000000000011: Could not read SMARTlog 2

Is it safe to ignore this error or can I do something about this?

Please note that I have the latest BIOS (Dell T5810) and Firmware (Intel SSD) installed.


Valued Contributor II

Hello MMartens,

It seems that the diagnostics tool is not able to communicate properly with your Intel® SSD 750 Series. Here are few things to consider about this situation:

- The Intel® SSD 750 Series is a PCIe device with NVMe technology, some systems may not be able to make full use of its features and capabilities. For example, the Intel® C612 Chipset (like the one in the Dell* T5810) is not fully validated to use this drive, however, we are aware that many customers are able to use the 750 as a data drive without issues in this configuration.

- Even some systems with validated hardware may require updates, or specific configuration to use this type of SSD's.

- The operating system requires drivers to use the Intel® SSD 750 Series, in some cases SMART details and other features are not available within the OS without the proper drivers.

Please check with Dell if the ePSA Preboot diagnostics are able to pull information from PCIe NVMe devices, or not, since this is not a monitoring / management tool that we support or recommend for the Intel® SSD 750 Series.

We advise you to monitor SMART details of your Intel® SSD 750 Series using Intel® SSD Toolbox, and also make sure you are using the most recent version of Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for NVMe Drivers. Drivers & Software

Hi Jonathan,

I've installed all the latest drivers and firmware from Dell and Intel, and the Intel SSD Toolbox is reporting no errors at all.

So I guess the drive is functioning properly.

I only wanted to know if I should be worried because of the SMART error in the Dell ePSA environment.

I had no idea what " Incorrect status = 8000000000000011" meant, that's why I posted this issue here.

Thanks again!