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DC S3520 SSD Power Loss Protection Failure (RAW value)

New Contributor II

I was checking the Intel SSD Toolbox and noticed the AFh ID had significantly increased. Is a Power Loss Protection Failure RAW value of 13 digits (1760942046368) and increasing - normal for a drive with only 312 Power-On Hours? All the normalized values are good, and I've read the pdfs pertaining to 'last test result', 'total tests', and 'time since last test', but can't find any information of what a normal RAW range should be.


Bytes 0-1: Last test result as microseconds to discharge cap (15550)

Bytes 2-3: Minutes since last test (83)

Bytes 4-5: Lifetime number of tests (410)

The product specification pdfs show this RAW value as a hex but it doesn't match the decimal equivalent of the 3 byte ranges above. I'm wondering if my PSU is bad or is this a normal range for a fairly new S3520?


Esteemed Contributor III

Hi ZER999,

After checking the 13 digits value that you provided, I'd say that everything is normal and your SSD is working fine, especially if you are saying that all other values from the SMART report are good.As you mention, the Power Loss Protection Failure should be divided in 6 bytes and read as follow:
  • Bytes 0-1: Last test result as microseconds to discharge cap.
  • Bytes 2-3: Minutes since last test.
  • Bytes 4-5: Lifetime number of tests.
The only reference available is for the first 2 bytes where the expected result should be between 25 and 5000000. Your result is 15520 so it is in the expected range. There is no reference values for the other bytes, they just indicate a number of minutes and a number of tests.My recommendation for you is to keep checking the SMART report periodically just to monitor the SSD and pay attention to the first 2 bytes. If the result is lower than 25, then it may be an error, but there is no problem if it's higher.I hope this information helps you.If there is anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.Have a nice day.Regards,Diego V.