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DC P3600 can't run 450000 IPOS in IOmeter

New Contributor

My DC P3600 only run 270000 IPOs in IOMeter

Follow the setting

only run 270000 IPOS can't run 450000 IPOS

My OS is Windows 8.1 x64

Motherboard : ASUS Z97-Deluxe

IOMeter Setting

1.4 worker

2.Set the transfer size to 4K 100% random read

3.The Cycling Options section is set to fix the queue dept 32 Power 25section is set to fix the queue dept


Valued Contributor II

It seems the ASMedia* controller shares bandwidth among the PCI Express x16, USB 3.0, and SATA Express ports. You may want to check if other devices are connected to such ports and the related BIOS settings.

*1 : The PCIe x16_3, USB3_E56 and SATAExpress_E1 connectors share the same bandwidth. The PCIe x16_3's default setting is in Auto mode that automically optimizes the system bandwidth. If you use two of these connectors, the system automatically disables the unused connector. Motherboards - Z97-DELUXE(NFC & WLC) - ASUS


DC P3600 plugged on PCIe slot from CPU not form PCH.

Valued Contributor II

Would you please repeat your test with the Transfer Request Size set to 128 KB as in the picture below?