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CPU hi load with Intel 530 SSD. Can you help me?

New Contributor

Hi, I recently change my first HDD drive with an Intel 530 SSD and after reinstall (Win 7 x64) my CPU (i7) stay overclocked all the time even when the CPU usage in task manager is under 10%. My laptop is an ACER Aspire Ethos with i7/nVidia geforce GT555m. Please help me to resolve this problem.


Valued Contributor II

Hi CattaB, you may want to make sure everything is optimized in the System Tuner section of the Intel® SSD Toolbox. You may also update to the latest Intel® SSD firmware and system BIOS.

I have some questions if the above suggestions do not solve your issue:

  • Can you share a screenshot showing the actual processor speed and exact model number? You may use the Intel® Processor Identification Utility.
  • If you open Resource Monitor from the taskbar, do you see any correlation between CPU and Disk usage? Can you share some screenshots of this too?
  • Does this issue happen in safe mode?

Hi Joe, sorry for late reply but I was out of office. I have the latest firmware on SSD and Acer notebook, everything is optimized in Intel SSD toolbox. I can not see any corelation between CPU and Disk Usage, maybe I am wrong but I want to share some sreenshots. In safe mode the cpu stay on 100% frequency, not overclocked even if the usage is about 0-5%. In normal mode the CPU stay at 2,6-2,7 Ghz.

Valued Contributor II
In safe mode the cpu stay on 100% frequency, not overclocked even if the usage is about 0-5%.

I am not sure I understood this last part, what do you mean by "overclocking"? Do you mean Intel® Turbo Boost?

Overclocking is a manual process in which the processor is set to operate at a higher clock speed than the specified by the manufacturer (Intel), this includes frequencies beyond the maximum turbo frequency.

With Intel® Turbo Boost the processor automatically increases the clock speed up to 2.9 GHz if needed by the operating system and if other variables allow it, such as power and temperature.

If you do not see a high CPU usage in safe mode I am inclined to say this is a software issue. Do you see a particular process taking over the CPU usage in Task Manager or Resource Monitor? I could not find any in the screenshots you shared; the complete list did not fit in the window.