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Computer running on SSD 530 cannot wake up from sleep

New Contributor

I am using SSD 530 120Gb on my Z97 Gigabyte motherboard. SSD firmware is DC32. My computer occasionally will not wake up from sleep. What's wrong here? I though Intel have solved the bug on the SSD 530 drive?


Valued Contributor II

Hi capzfelix, I am sorry you are experiencing this issue.

I am not aware of the motherboard model you own but perhaps you can try the following suggestions:

  • Update the motherboard BIOS.
  • Connect the Intel® SSD 530 to the Intel® Chipset instead of third party SATA controller (this will require operating system reinstallation).
  • If using Windows*, try installing a different driver than the one you are currently using: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology driver or the Microsoft* inbox driver.

If the above suggestions do not help please refer to the following thread: