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Computer Freeze On "4K - 64 Thrd" ASSD Test

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I have been running a 1TB Intel 600 M.2 SSD Since December and recently I have noticed times when the PC locks up (Mouse slowing, Audio Sticking) I've tested all the hardware, CPU, RAM etc.. however when running AS-SSD to check the M.2 SSD when it runs the 4K-64Thrd test the system will lock up for about 5 seconds. This never happened before.

Can anyone think what could be causing this?

I've installed the Intel RST and Intel SSD toolbox etc.. [This was already installed when it was working fine]

Motherboard : Gigabyte - Z170X-G3 [BIOS F8e PI]

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080

RAM: 2 x 16GB Kingston DDR4-2400 (1200 Mhz)

OS: Windows 7 Ulti 64 SP1

[The OS was installed with Slipped-Streamed NVMe and USB 3.0 Updates]

Old AS-SSD Bench - (Working)

Current AS-SSD (Locking up)

Current Crystal Disk Mark (For Reference)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello Tularis,

We understand your SSD was working fine for some time and now it is freezing up, having some audio issues and the mouse cursor slowing.We'll like to know if you noticed this situation after any hardware change or software (BIOS or firmware upgrade).Could you please let us know what is the current firmware on you SSD?If possible, could you share with us the SMART details of your SSD? We know that for this drive the intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox may not provide full details in Windows* 7, but please try to extract the file and attach it here.Regards,Nestor C

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Hello Nestor,

Thanks for your reply,

No hardware has been added to the system and now BIOS updates have been done since it was working correctly.

The Firmware is PFS.

Unfortunately I can not see any SMART information. The Intel SSD toolbox, HDTune and Seatools pro dont show any SMART information for that SSD.

Does the fact it's an M.2 make a difference?

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Hi Tularis,

Thanks for your response. About the firmware version of your SSD, could you please let us know the full code? For example, it should say PSF109C if it is the latest one.

Now, we see that you did not follow the guide we validated to install Windows* 7, could you please follow that guide and let us know?

Also, if possible, could you try to plug the drive as secondary in a Windows® 10 system, so you can try to export the SMART details using Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox.


Nestor C

New Contributor

Hello Nestor,

Can you please let me know what utility to use to get the Full Firmware?

This is my Intel SSD Toolbox.

Also I did install Windows 7 with the NVMe HotFixes, USB 3/3.1 Drivers and RST Drivers integrated into the ISO, what makes you think I didn't?

As this was a fresh install directly to the NVMe if the ISO did not have the HotFixes it wouldn't have installed would it??

I will try and take the SSD out and into a windows 10 PC so that we can try and read the SMART.

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