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compatibility of the new line of ssd intel DC S3610 and DC S3710 with Intel 4U P4308CP4MHEN

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Welcome interested compatibility of the new line of ssd intel DC S3610 and DC S3710 with Intel 4U P4308CP4MHEN creation rayd1 controller LSI SAS 9212-4i4e, the Hardware Compatibility List Intel 4U P4308CP4MHEN no support ssd intel DC S3610 and DC S3710


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In this particular case, I would recommend contacting LSI to see if they have further feedback on this. I checked the information for this platform which comes with the Intel® Server Board S2600CP and it does not list these drives in our validation list.

Intel always recommends the use of validated components to avoid unforeseen issues.

I am also moving this question to our /community/tech/solidstate SSD Community to see if they have feedback about this.

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The Intel SSD DC S3610 and DC S3710 are SATA / SAS drives focused on datacenter and servers. They are updates to the SSD DC S3700 and should be compatible anywhere it is. Unfortunately we don't have specific testing with the platform you mentioned but have used LSI based controllers in our internal validation.

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Our SSD validation uses the Intel® Server Board S2600CP so we know the Intel SSD DC S3610 and DC S3710 are compatible there. Also the LSI controller based on 9211-8i is used which is very similar to the 9212-4i4e requested. We see no reason to test both. The Server team system validation may not have specifically tested the DC S3610 and updated their list but we expect it full compatibility.

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I'm having problems with the DC S3610 on a Supermicro server board with an Intel C606/C602 chipset and have been talking to Intel Customer Support about it. Since I'm considering changing the motherboard anyway to an Intel S2600CW2 or S2600CWTS I asked if it had been validated on that platform and was told that it was scheduled for the "third trimester of this year". I then asked if there was ANY platform on which the DC3610 had been validated and was then told that it would be "validated for the Grantley family mainboards during the Q3 period". Altogether a very confused message.

If it has genuinely been validated on some platform then can you please add it to the official compatible hardware list for that platform?

Edit: I should add that the Intel S3700 is on the tested hardware list for the Supermicro server board (X9DR3F) that I'm currently using so in theory the S3610 should work too but it doesn't for me.