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Cloned SSD problems

New Contributor

Hi there, Have upgraded from a Intel 320 series 80gb SSD to a 730 series 480gb, I have used the Data migration tool to clone the hdd and everything has gone smooth.

When i open the SSD toolbox it acknowledges that the ssd is there and all of its information seems correct besides .

It has this error

The Intel SSD Toolbox cannot communicate with the selected Intel SSD.

Consider changing to another storage driver compatible with your system and try the tool again.

I can access the smart details about the drive but not the Drive details.

If i have the old ssd plugged in too when i boot off either one

In the ssd toolbox the drive then comes up as the old drive even the serial number etc

It also then says it is only 100mb and it has used 30mb with 70mb left


Any help is much appreciated thanks


Valued Contributor II

Hello Sprey,

The first step to take would be updating the driver for your storage adapter.

Also, you may uninstall Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox from your computer, then download and install the current version (at this time it is 3.2.3). Intel® SSD 730 Series Downloads