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Cannot do clean Win 8.1/64 install to Intel P3600 SSD

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ASUS motherboard X99 Deluxe. Running latest BIOS and defaults. Currently running OK with OCZ SSD. Intel 400gb SSD is visible in BIOS, Windows and disk management as healthy partition. Storage controllers in BIOS are set to AHCI. Did full format of SSD before Win install. Can write to and read from P3600. SSD firmware is 8DV1. Installed latest P3600 driver from Intel website. Run Intel SSD full read and write diagnostics with no errors. Intel tells me motherboard meets specs for P3600. No solution from ASUS either.

At early stage of clean Win install from a Win 8.1/64 CD before installation starts, get message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. Insure disk controller is enabled in Bios". Tried formatting and then install and get same message. Tried installing driver and then install and get same message. Communicating with Intel and issue is still active. Don't think SSD purchased from is defective. Newegg is willing to accept return but I am not optimistic replacement disk won't have same issue. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated. George B.


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New Contributor III

If the OS can see the drive (read and write data), I don't think it is defective at all.

Are you able to choose "(UEFI) " when you press F8 during the ASUS Logo BIOS screen (unless the BIOS boot up is so fast that you cannot even see it).

I would recommend unplugging all the other SATA drives first, leaving only the P3600 SSD and the DVD drive with the Win 8.1 x64 disc inside, then plug the drives back after the OS is successfully installed into the P3600 SSD.

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Thanks for your response, Clement. I intended from the beginning to replace my current SSD with the Intel SSD. Initially, I removed my current SSD and installed only the Intel SSD and got same message. Installed Intel SSD into another PCIe slot and got same message. Tried installing Intel SSD and current SSD with booting from Win DVD and got same message. Also tried UEFI DVD and got same message at Win install. Ran Intel SSD full read/write diagnostics on entire SSD and got no errors. Ran ASUS PC diagnostics and got no errors. Ran Intel CPU stress test diagnostics and got no errors. So I think my PC is not the problem. Seems to be something with either the ASUS motherboard compatibility with the Intel SSD or Win 8.1/64 compatibility with the Intel SSD. Awaiting further word from ASUS but am not optimistic on getting anywhere there. Intel states that the ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard meets their specs, whatever that means.

Makes no sense that I can write a file to the Intel SSD and read from it but cannot do a clean install. I can do a system image restore from my external HD but I think my current SSD of 240 Gb will install on the Intel SSD but instead of 400 gb being available, I will only have 240 gb available.

Do you have any other ideas or thoughts on how to solve this issue. Await your feedback.

If no further suggestions, Intel has determined to cover this SSD under warranty and replace it and I will pursue that soon.

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Hello GeorgeB,

The Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 was designed for Data Center use, some Desktop systems may not be able to make full usage of the drive, or to boot from it. It would be good to check with Asus if your board is qualified to boot from the P3600.

Here are some aspects and recommendations that may help:

- The Intel® SSD DC P3700, P3600 and P3500 Series are bootable and support installation of an operating system on platforms that support UEFI* 2.3.1 BIOS. Please contact the manufacturer of your motherboard and confirm the UEFI version used in your system.

- Make sure that the drive is connected to a PCIe Gen 3.0 x8 or x16 slot in your PC.

- Contact Asus and get updated firmware (BIOS) for your motherboard.

- Use the most recent driver version for your SSD. Version can be downloaded from Intel Download Center.

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New Contributor III


Are you able to provide the details of the boot options in your bios settings (including CSM)?