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Can't enable eDrive on Pro 2500 Series

New Contributor

I am trying to enable eDrive to use with bitlocker. It is telling me that the firmware is not up to date.

C:\Intel_SSD_Pro_Administrator_Tool_win64>SSDProAdminTool_1.1.0_win64.exe -drive_index 0 -enable_edrive


| Drive Index: | 0 |


| Drive Series: | Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series Opal Ready |

| Model Number: | INTEL SSDSC2BF180A5L |

| Serial Number: | |

| Firmware: | LTVi |

| Current MAX LBA: | 0x14F5C82F |

| Drive Status: | Healthy |

| Opal State: | Opal Ready |

| eDrive Supported: | False |

| Native MAX LBA: | 0x14F5C82F |

| Current Percent: | 100.00 |

| Current Capacity: | 180.05 GB |

| SMART: | ON |

| DIPM: | ON |

| Write Cache: | ON |


Error: enabling eDrive with this tool is not supported on the selected Intel

SSD. Please ensure the tool and the drive's firmware are up to date.


Valued Contributor II

Hello Smurfkiller,

The Model number and firmware version of the drive indicate it is a Lenovo OEM drive, this appears to be reason why Intel® SSD Pro Administrator Tool is not able to enable eDrive support on it.

We advise you to contact Lenovo Support for additional details and possible options to update firmware and use eDrive on this SSD. The OEM may have added customizations in the drive's firmware that do not allow the Intel generic tools to manage the drive.

In some cases, the OEMs have custom methods to update firmware on their drives; however, you might want to download Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox version 3.2.3 and try to update the firmware, in order to check if it works on your drive or not before contacting Lenovo.

Valued Contributor

Hello SmurfKiller,

Please check your private messages.

New Contributor II

Hi, I have the same issue on two Lenovo laptops that include this drive, what is the solution for enabling eDrive?

Valued Contributor II

Hello ACT_

To enable eDrive* on the Intel® SSD Pro 2500 Series, you need use Intel® SSD Pro Administrator Tool, running the application with administrator privileges. Then use the command prompt to activate eDrive* functionality. The detailed instructions are available in the following guide: The Intel® SSD Pro 2500 Series Guide for Microsoft eDrive* Activation

Please try the steps mentioned in the document. If you encounter any issue, please provide details about it:

At which point of the process does it fail?

Did the system show you an error message?

Provide output or screenshot of the process (like in the original post)

Computer Model, Operating System, SSD model number.