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Can't access Intel SSD 520

New Contributor

My laptop has currently gone for repairs with the manufacturer. Before it got sent off I took out the hard drive (Intel SSD 520) and planned to use it in a hard drive docking station. For some reason the drive just won't appear in my computer when connecting with the docking station. On the odd occasion of constantly restarting and changing USB ports it's temporarily appeared.

I read online that the 520 has some sort of automatic encryption on it.

Could this possibly be the cause of my accessing issues?


Contributor II

Hello cableconnect53,

It is important to say the SSDs have an encryption but this is setting the password on the SSD.

Based on your description, I would like you to try connecting the SSD directly to the computer.

Kevin M

How is one able to access a hard drives contents with this automatic encryption enabled?

When plugging the drive directly in a spare computers motherboard I receive the message "Hard-disk drive failure. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility".

I find it hard to believe that the drive has failed, due to the fact that it's been in safe keeping ever since it was taken out of my laptop.

And before that when it was running I had no issues.

Did you set up a HDD password?