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Any cure for BSOD on every resume from sleep with Intel 330 SSD?

Esteemed Contributor III

Just one more unhappy camper. All suggestions are appreciated in advance.

I bought an Intel 330 SSD 180 GB on Cyber Monday. The price was right and I thought I couldn't go wrong with an Intel product.

Wrong. I got a BSOD (0xf4) on every attempt to resume from sleep. Too bad, because performance was otherwise good to excellent.

I tried cloning two times (with a secure erase between attempts) and got the BSOD issue on both. I also tried a clean install of Win7 Pro after another secure erase, and also got the BSOD issue. Then I put the original Seagate hard drive back in so I could RMA the Intel SSD back to the vendor. The BSOD was cured, so the problem seems to be in the SSD and not the laptop (Asus X83).

I should also mention that I wasted many hours on Google trying futile remedies, such as running startup repair from the RE disk; running bootrec /fixmbr; repairing the BCD file; changing power options; etc., etc., etc.

The vendor will not accept an outright return but will accept an RMA request, provided I pay an additional $13 for the shipping. After reading this forum, I'm not hopeful that the new SSD will be better.

Some other thoughts for prospective buyers:

(1) Due to Adobe's ruthless DRM, Photoshop will not clone over. Be sure to deactivate Photoshop online before you do anything with the Intel Data Migration software. Then you can reinstall from media after cloning and reactivate.

(2) Intel's Data Migration Software is actually made by Acronis. Interestingly, Intel's suggested method for cloning using this software is specifically discouraged by Acronis. Go to the Acronis Knowledge Base. Get Article 2931 and follow the instructions there. I've tried both methods and found that Acronis's method gives livelier results. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a difference with my consistent BSOD issue. However, Acronis hints that proper cloning may help with some random issues.

(3) I wish I'd paid the extra money for the SSD I really wanted. Instead, I took a gamble on a Sandforce SSD to save money. The savings have not been worth the two days of my life I've wasted.

Please post if you've got the cure.