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520 series not working as fast as it should.

Esteemed Contributor III

Installed my 520 series today and it left me very disappointed, i connected it to sata 3, reinstalled windows 7 on it, formatted all my other hard drives.

I decided to benchmark it with ATTO, ive heard its the best SSD benchmark program, and when i did the fastest the SSD red on was 364MB/sec and write was at 392MB/sec, the description of it promised a read of 550MB/sec and write of 550MB/sec.

I'm pretty sure ive installed everything correctly, what could be the problem?

If theres no solution for this problem can i turn it back to the store i bought it from, pfff ill go with a OCZ if i can turn back.


Esteemed Contributor III

What mother board are you using, and which SATA ports are you using?

Your results look like that drive is connected to a third party SATA controller, like Marvell or ASMedia. The majority of those chipsets are connected to one PCIe lane, at 5Gb/s, which is shared between all the ports those chips provide. They do not truly provide the best SATA III performance at all, only the Intel 6 and 7 series chipsets with SATA III ports do, followed by AMD SATA III chipsets.

It's all to easy to connect a SSD to the wrong SATA ports, people do that all the time.