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x25-v - nForce 4 - Toolbox doeset work

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I'm using a x25-v-ssd with a Pundit P1-AH1 (latest bios). This barebone has a nForce4-Chipset. The ssd is working very well on Win7-32bit, but I cannot use the toolbox. If I choose the SSD nothing happened. It is only displayed that are Intel-sdd's are supported.

If I choose the ssd, it is like i press the refresh button ...

FW of the SSD is: 2cv102m3

Toolbox has version 2.01

I'm using the standard MS-Driver ....

A picture says more than words ...

Do you got a solution for these problem?




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The Toolbox works but not all the features are avaliable on non-Intel chipsets (as you might have guessed).

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I cannot choose any feature ... - so the application started without any function ....

I 've fogot into the thread-start:

I can't choose sata-mode in bios - sata is sata (IDE-Mode or AHCI are not available).

I 've tried both sata-ports, no changes are displayed from the toolbox.

If I installed the nVidia-IDE-driver (sata as well) it doesent work too.


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The NVIDIA NF4 storage controller does not support AHCI that is why there is no option in the BIOS.

The NVIDIA drivers definitely do not support TRIM or provide the SSD Toolbox with the necessary interface to be enable all the functions.

Unfortunately, it is a hardware/driver limitation.