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x25-m g2 postville (80G) and linux/ext4 - wait for new fw?

Esteemed Contributor III

hello together,

tomorrow i'm going to receive a new ssd, i rma'd my hosed one. i read there will be a new fw upgrade supporting trim finally at the end of november. it is stated there are no issues with ssds coming with 02ha fw as a factory default. if my new drive would come along with the 02ha fw then everything should be fine and ready to use within my new htpc.

nevertheless i have to think about some questions:

first of all i'm using gentoo linux on my htpc. this distro is pretty write intensive due to portage (package management) and it's policy to compile everything from source. there are certain directories where the most/heaviest writecycles take place. these are:






case 1 => new ssd will arrive with trim enabled:

originally i planned to mount the mentioned directories on a magnetic drive, since write performance isn't really on focus while using the mediacenter and i don't care about performance while building new binaries. above all i wanted to rest the ssd for a longer lifetime. BUT do i have to care about heavy writecycles generally while trim is enabled? my 2.6.31 kernel and ext4 do support trim, afaik newer versions of hdparm are able to fire up trim manually. if there is no reason to care about writecycles in conjunction with trim, i could just use the ssd standalone solution.

case 2 => new ssd will arrive without trim enabled:

pretty simple: wait for the upgrade before integrating the ssd into the system or should i just go ahead and setup my heay writecycle partitions on a magnetic drive? or should i just use the ssd as a standalone solution, trim would fix anything in about two weeks anyways?

so that's it. what do you think?

best regards,