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X25-M causes system hang during POST SATA device detection

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi there.

I have an Intel X25-M SSD that I have been using fine for around 6 months now.

Today I formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows 7. The installation/paritioning and formatting completed fine however upon reboot the system hung during POST when it was detecting the SATA devices.

To get the box to boot again I needed to go in to the BIOS and change away from using RAID as the storage type. This was put back to IDE mode and allowed the computer to boot fine.

This is an issue however as I need to run RAID as I have a RAID 5 array on my ICH10 compatible motherboard.

The SSD is the only device that does it. I've tried it on an alternate SATA port with no luck, I've tried another hard drive in it's place and it works fine regardless of the mode.

In essence: the SSD is the only device that causes my computer to hang when detecting the drive. It will hang only when RAID or AHCI mode is selected, however works fine when IDE mode is set.

As mentioned, it worked fine since setup beforehand, and is odd that I can replicate it each and every time.

Does anybody have any suggestions or known issues that may cause this to occur? Would you recommend I attempt to RMA the drive and seek a replacement under warranty?

Any help appreciated.




Hello, I would like to ask you for more information, I would like to know the brand and model of your Motherboard, Harddrives and version of the matrix storage manager.

I would like to know as well if you install the operating system in the Solid state drive in Raid mode or in IDE mode.

If you like you can contact us to our phone support number for SSD's: 916 377 7000 Option 6.