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X18-M G1 Mac OS X Snow Leopard- how not to lose performance

Esteemed Contributor III

I've read about some Macbook hacks for the SSD owner, but still wonder how I should make my SSD's "new" state last longer.

I do still wonder if I should use the "Secure Empty Trash" in Snow Leopard?

What I've did was that at first, I've partitioned my drive for all available space, but then reduced the HFS partition to 68 Gb or so - will this prolong my drive's "new" state because of Intel's algorithms?

Should I use "Erase Free Space" in "single pass zero out" option in Disk Utility as well or it wiil make things even worse?Thanks!

And of course I have the same question as every G1 owner has - will TRIM be available for G1 X25-M and X18-M at some point?



Hello, I would like to let you know that unfortunately Intel does not support the Mac operating system, so we recommend contacting the Mac support to see if they have any suggestion regarding the Solid State Drive performance.

Regarding your question about the first generation X25-M and X18-M that if they will support trim or not, the answer is no, this Solid State Drives will not support trim only second generation will support the Trim command.