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X-25M G2: getting low random 4K read/write speeds

Esteemed Contributor III

I'm getting pretty low random read/write speeds on my Inspiron 1720 laptop running Vista and I can't figure out why. Here are my specs:

OS: Vista 32-bit

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz

IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:

ICH8M Ultra Storage Controllers - 2850

82801 HEM/HBM SATA ACHI Controller

SATA: Generation 1 (150 MB/s)

SSD: Intel X-25M 80 GB G2

Other Settings/Tweaks:

AHCI is turned on in BIOS

Tried disabling Vista indexing

Defragmentation is disabled

And here are the benchmark results:

CrystalDiskMark (Test Size 100 MB):

Random Read (4 KB): 15 MB/s

Random Write (4 KB): 32 MB/s

Random Read (512 KB): 125 MB/s

Random Write(512 KB): 74 MB/s

I've seen others reach as high as 20 - 30 MB/s for 4K read and 60 MB/s for 4K write. I've turned off indexing and deframentation and still no luck. Are there any other tweaks I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated.


New Contributor III
New Contributor III


Don't know if you have seen another very similar thread on this, but it may help. Check it out:



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