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Windows 7 installation hanging on Intel SSD X25-M

Esteemed Contributor III

I'm really trying to gauge opinion on this problem.

For a few months I was using Windows 7 just fine on an Intel X25-M SSD drive. I had the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software installed, as well as Intel's SSD Toolbox.

Then I decided to try the Windows Server 2008 R2 trial. After using Windows Server for a few days, I decided to go back to Windows 7. I literally had nothing else installed except drivers. On the last day I used Server, I noticed file searching slowed down slightly, it wouldn't be as snappy as before.

So, I copied the Windows 7 installation files to a USB flash drive, so I could boot from this to install it. Installing Windows 7 has been a nightmare and I still haven't accomplished it. The problems I experienced were:

1) On the screen where Windows asks me where to install Windows, I deleted the old partitions on the SSD drive, and re-selected the drive, clicked Next and a yellow triangle appeared with Windows telling me I couldn't install Windows on this drive, and to check the log files. I tried it repeatedly, nothing. I picked the drive and clicked "New" first to create a new partition, same result.

2) I rebooted, this time it would let me install but it took a long time. Eventually the install hangs on the "Completing Installation" stage, and Windows still isn't installed on it. I left it on this stage for an hour and switched the PC off.

My system is currently NOT overclocked and I've never had any problems with any piece of hardware. Any ideas? I'm suspecting my SSD drive, so I'm going to put in a regular HDD and try that instead - I suspect it'll work. Also, my USB flash drive is fine, I actually used another flash drive - same result.

Any ideas? I'm going to try HDDErase 3.3, and then booting from Windows 7 DVD, rather than putting it on a USB stick.




Hello, I would like to let you know that we recommend to install the operating system from an original installation disk of windows and if you have problems with the solid state drive regarding windows not being able to recognize or format the SSD, the recommendation is to perform a secure erase, you can download this tool (bootable version) from the following link: this you can try to reinstall the operating system and it should work just fine, if the issue persists do not hesitate to contact the Solid State Drive support at the following phone number: 916 377 7000.