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Windows 7 - How to enable AHCI mode on an existing install

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi folks,

I got my Intel X25-M G2 80GB earlier this week and I'm struggling to get up to speed on all the technicalities of drive performance. I've read quite a few threads today about TRIM support being available in the latest FW, but it requires AHCI mode to be enabled.

I didn't "install" windows 7 on this drive, rather I used Acronis True Image to clone from my raptor over to this drive. AHCI mode is disabled in the BIOS at the moment, so I am wondering if I enable it will that mean windows will automatically switch to that drive and therefore I'll have TRIM support?

If not, what is the process for enabling it




Esteemed Contributor III

Esteemed Contributor III

Thanks for the reply David. The one odd thing I've discovered on my travels is that the only thing listed under "Storage controllers" is a drive called "awn2zji5.sys". This seems to contradict what the default controller driver seems to be for most people: Pciide.sys

Any ideas why this might be the case? I'll back up the registry before making this change tomorrow, but would just like to avoid any potential problems