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What can I do if I got Bad_CTX on the 320ssd in my imac?

Esteemed Contributor III

As the topic. Can you guys suggest the way to fix this bug without removing the SSD from the imac?

I have tried every way.... I am so disappointed towards intel


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This is what I did with my MacBook Pro running OSX Lion

1. Create a Bootcamp Partition

2. Install Windows

3. Boot into windows and Install the Intel SSD utility

4. Start the software and try to do a secure erase. Maybe you have to unplug / replug your SDD while the Macbook is ON and the Intel Software is RUNNING.

5. Do a secure erase

6. Reboot into OSX and partition your SSD

7. Burn the ISO to a CD / DVD

8. Boot from the DVD with the internal Superdrive. If you have an optibay setup, you have to switch your HDD with the Superdrive. Most Macbooks can only boot OSX from an external DVD drive. USB sticks are not supported too

9. Do the firmware upgrade. After the upgrade turn OFF you computer and wait for a minute

10. Reboot into OSX and delete the Bootcamp partition.

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you can try livecd from and erase SSD using hdparm utility

hdparm --security-erase NULL /dev/hda (where /dev/hda is your ssd device)

but i'm not sure if livecd will boot on Mac