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Weird sound problem > SSD?

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- when I use a simple speaker set or the T20 from Creative > the sound is ok. - when I use highend speakers I get problems: ticks, noise etc. A solution could be this. It's about Speedstep and energy-saving options of the CPU. I have to disable them... (there is more) For some reason and if these options are not disabled you hear interferences. (cracks, ticks, noise etc.) It seems the SSD get's not enough power.... There is more. When you disable Speedstep and energy-saving that's not so good for de cpu. The CPU is getting a bit too hot... and will not last long as he sould be. My SSD is connected with a led and that led is flashing every second. Each flash is a tick you hear in the speakers.

What can I do?


Theo (Belgium)

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SSD power is independent and only needs a few watts...

Are you using onboard audio? If so, what motherboard? It sounds like EMI... electical signal "bleed" is causing the noise. Try disabling any intergrated devices not in use (IDE, serial, 2nd SATA controllers, etc) to see if helps.

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Hi and thanks!

Asus P6T DeLuxe V2

Windows 7, 64 bit.

Case is a Cooler Master Sileo 500

I did disable the onboard sound > did not work > noise still there.

IDE is not in use. (how can I disable it?)

Serial is not in use. (how can I disable it?)

3 Sata ports (intern) are in use > SSD + DVD + harddisk.

The sales man, a good friend, told me what I did say in the first posting

He solved the problem with those settings.

But I tell you that I am do that

The speakers are active speakers, each with his own power he.

(no probs or what so ever with the T20 "cheapo" Creative set)

A other friend (from the music store) told me to get an external sound card...

HE was 200% certain, he told me.

I am not.... but he remains a good friend he

But I guess you could be right.

With my "older" computer I had only "hum" in the speakers.

Can be solved with a "ground loop" filter.

I do hear ticks in the speakers comming form de SSD.

I can see this from the flashing led connected to the SSD. (is in perfect sync)

I use a Creative Soundblaster Audigy ZS 2.

IF I ONLY use the onboard sound > I have more or less the problems.

(Audigy NOT in the pc)


Theo form Belgium and..... almost 62 of age

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Interesting since that is considered a high-end board and Asus has been around long enough to design around EMI.

You can disable the IDE and Serial ports in the BIOS. It is usually under "Advanced Chipset Features" or "Intergrated" but varies from BIOSes.

Can you borrow a sound card? Even an internal sound card should resolve the issue.

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I've the exact problem. I have Behringer Active speakers. I had no problem until I upgraded my PC. I started this noise since one year. During this time I changed my mother board, cpu and RAM (Original was was an Intel system, now it is AMD). Noise is still there. I had M-Audio USB, now I have M-Audio PRO (both of them External Sound cards). And I finally bought a UPS because I thought it was an PSU or ground loop issue.Guess!!! Noise is still there!!!

The only original part remained is my Corsair 128GB SSD!!!! I tried everything with bios (Speed Step, C1, disabling ide etc...) but no is still there.

Please Please help me....