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Esteemed Contributor III

So as of right now I can't put trim on my SSD(due to bricking of the drive), correct?

Also, one more question, should I install firefox on my SSD or my 1TB storage drive?

Thanks for the help guys.


Esteemed Contributor III

1. Yes, Intel recommend not flashing untill the issues are resolved..

2. Putting anything you use often on an HDD instead of the SSD, is a complete waste. Firefox opens like a demon on the SSD, and like a turtle on the HDD, this is one app you want to have on the SSD..

Use HDD only for storage and rarely used apps/games etc., and put anything you use often on the SSD (as long as the space allows for it)...

Esteemed Contributor III

Put applications you use often on the SSD.

Large data files (videos, .mp3's, Recorded TV folder, etc.) belong on the HDD regardless of how often you use them.

I would include some Windows subdirectories such as WER and WinSxS in this category but unfortunately Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to make the Vista & Win7 versions of Windows Update rely on hard links between WinSxS and other system folders, so Windows Update will break if you try move some of this stuff, even if you keep the old paths workable with Junctions/Sym links.