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SSD stops working - way to force a FW update?

New Contributor

Model: SSDSA2MH160G1GC 2.5"

OS: Windows 7

Hi - typical issue - SSD stopped working (won't boot OS, times out). I have hooked it up to an external SATA bay and the computer tries to map the SSD partions (typical takes 5-10 minutes) but when I click on 1 of the SSD partions, it hangs (after 60 minutes I generally close the window).

Things I have tried:

1) Different computers through an eSATA bay

2) Intel SSD Toolbox

3) Access the SSD partions with command prompt (vs the Windows interface)

4) Update the SSD FW via Toolbox (it doesn't find the SSD)

5) Update the SSD FW via bootable disc (it doesn't find the SSD)

Really interested in getting some of the important files off the SSD. Murphy's law - I haven't backed it up for awhile.

Is there a way to force a FW update? Any thoughts of other things to try? Thanks folks!