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SOJVZ is missing - SSD Error?

Esteemed Contributor III

So I have had this error message twice now in just over 1 month. It happened on the same computer, but with two diffrent mobos, and with the mobo changes came cpu and ram changes. The SSDs(2-x25MG2 RAID0) were the boot drives in both situations. 1 resulted in a change of fan managment/hard drive removal, and the other after a BIOS update which happened to break RAID due to upgrading the RAID rom with in the bios. Both mobos were MSI so that is a constant factor as well. The error happens after the RAID managment screen during boot up on Intel Chipsets, when the Loading Windows screen would normally apear. So I am posting here in hopes of finding out what this error means, and weather this is a hardware problems or software problem. I have tried googling the error message but have been unable to find any relevant information regarding the problem. The guys at the offical MSI forums have no clue what the problem is.