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"Unknown disk" RAID problem

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello all,

I have a RAID 1 configured with 2 SATA disks. My computer has a P5BV Asus Motherboard with 82801GR/GH RAID Intel chipset. It has been working for several months with Windows 2000 without any problem.

Recently one disk crash, so my costumer calls us to replace it with another disk. We replaced the crashed disk with a disk that previously was used on the same RAID volume to make some tests. And now comes all the problems. The RAID system has taken the "substitution" disk as the correct disk in the volume, and has marked the correct disk as "Unknown disk". We can't access to it anyway in this computer.

Is there any tool to modify this condition on the disk. I mean, to erase the label "Unknown disk" and so the RAID recognice it as the correctg disk?

Thank you very much,



Contributor III

Hello Alex,

what has your question to do with Solid State Drives, which is the topic of this subforum?

Now to you issue:

It is not a good idea to put a SATA hdd or a SSD, which had been within a RAID array before, into a new RAID array without having erased the previous RAID informations by breaking the RAID array.

Question: Have you set the SATA hdd to a non-RAID hdd, before you removed it from the old RAID array?

If not, you should use a tool like Active@KillDisk to get the old RAID informations removed.