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"Accelerate" Button Problem for SSD drive under RST

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I have met the following requirements:

Updated my Asus P8Z68-V Pro to Bios 501

Using the latest the Bios RST is

my operating system is Windows 7 32bit and is on the RAID 1 set of Hitachi drives 2 drives of 2 Terabyes each

My SSD is the OCZ 60 GB Agility 3

All drives are on the intel SATA Ports and the Bios is set to RAID

My HD are OEM Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 are on the SATA 3g ports and the SSD on the 6g port

When I boot with these drives only there is no Accelerate Button

When I add my Samsung 250 gig drive the Accelerat Button appears.....

I know the SSD will write up to 475 MS/s and read up to 525 MB/s

Why can't I get the Accelerate button for my fast drives?


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What provides this "Accelerate" button you mentioned? What software or function displays or provides that button, and what does it do?

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The RST is Intel's Rapid Storage Technology driver which allows the SSD drive to act as a Cache for the whole hard drive up to 65 GB to improve Drive perfermance by 40%. It puts the most used parts of programs and data on the SSD drive. The accelerate button appears when you have the right Intel chip set on the motherboard (Z68) with the requirements I listed.

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Ok, I see, thanks, that's how they're doing the SSD caching thing. From what I can see, you have met the requirements, although it seems like your OS on your RAID set of Hitachi drives is being excluded as part of the caching function, yet your other drive (without an OS?) is. You might want to check the following and similar threads for some answers. Sorry I am not familiar with this feature:

/message/126681# 126681 126681

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I now have it working as stated it should work....

here was the problem....

I had 2 2TB drives set as raid. It seemed it was always verifying the drives. As soon as I hit the cancel button the Accelerate button worked...

Why....I have no idea....but it does work least for one boot.....

I also updated to Intel RST

Where you find it.....I have no Driver Genius Professional found it somewhere and it works....I could not find it anywhere else.....

Hope this helps!!