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Questions about x25m g2 SSD 80gb

Esteemed Contributor III

I have the SSD x25m g2 80gb. I'm wondering about information because I don't find reliable information on the web. So I'm wondering if You could answer my questions.These questions don't appear in any readme or something else of this product. But I want to know from the first teller.

1 In which way I have to configure my SSD (create 1 partition and don't use other space. example cca 80gb disk 40 for partition 30 unpartitioned- yes I've read this on forums.)

2.Are we secured of ssd degradation for now with firmware 1.5. Or degradation will occur for period of time.

3. Is better that I don't run disk defragment on Win7.

4.How i must threat SSD? (Not in the way: Be good till I get back home, or you have something in the fridge to eat). I think in way of using it. Because i was thinking it's far better to use SSD for storage than running OS on it.(because of very large amount of time read/write.)

I'm running ssd on notebook (Toshiba Satellite Pro A200-1MI and I can't run firmware update (I don't know even which firmware i'm using). I ran boot a bit different from how is described in Intel's guide. That difference is in which media I'm using. I don't burn iso on blank CD. I use usb flash memory.I've loaded all files on it (make partition,set active,copy files etc... Similar how to run installation of OS from usb). In bios (boot section) I'm reciving : Press any kay to restart. When i press any key it doesn't restart. It continues to load Win7 normally. I don't know where's the problem for this. So i can't run firmware. I think that i must wait to return to home and than on desktop PC run this.

note- I don't have mode of switching SATA mode : IDE or AHCI in bios. Maybe this is the problem

I appologize for this long post. But I ask that your answers will be much longer. πŸ˜„

Best regards


Esteemed Contributor III

Using the ssd for storage seams pointless to me. If youre just using the x25 and have no other drives I would maybe partition it into two. One portion for the OS/programs and the other for storage. Ideally I would buy a second hard drive. 80 gigs isnt very much so I would use it to store the os and buy another larger drive for all your storage.

3. From what I have read its not always a good idea tio run a defrag on it because it can shorten the life of the cells.

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I'd agree that there's usually not much point to using the drive just for storage. You're not going to get its true benefits unless it's an OS drive.

There's no benefit to defragmenting it, and you'll only unnecessarily wear down the drive. That's why defragmentation is supposed to be automatically turned off by Windows 7.

I don't know that I'd bother partitioning an 80 GB drive. If you're storing things, simply keep them in your user folder or something until you can move them off. I suppose if you're not installing a lot of programs, somewhere around a 40/30 split would work if you really want to do it. But if you do start installing things, you could rapidly start running out of space within that 40 GB and not giving the OS enough room to "breathe."

I'd mainly remember that yes, the drives will eventually deteriorate over time, but I believe the general estimate has been something like 10+ years of a useful life unless you are *realllly* heavily using it. Other things will be developed during that time, prices will come down, etc. You're not going to wear it out in the next year, or two, or three. If you're getting one now, use it as an OS drive first and foremost, and get the true benefits of the speed boost. It's likely to be relatively obsolete by the time you'd truly wear it out.

Esteemed Contributor III

Thank you guys. really appriciated your help. I thought that degradation will come fast... Thank you once again. Best regards. Alen